2016 RGD Student Awards: Winner of Berlin Award for Central Canada
Adobe Design Achievement Awards 2016: Semifinalist in Commercial Packaging Design

For Smithsonian Folkways Recordings, I redesigned the packaging for one of their collections of recordings. The album I chose was Birds, Beasts, Bugs and Fishes by a historical folkways figure, Pete Seeger. The album is a collection of 28 songs about animals and it’s not only for children but also for family to sing along with and play games with. (Information about the album)
The redesign of this album had to be done in a way that the overall visual is modern but still maintains the historical and folksy feeling, represents the mood and tone of the songs, and also eye-catching and salable in recording market. 

This album is full of fun and joy with Pete Seeger’s characteristic Banjo playing.
The packaging itself becomes a picture book for children. As they open the packaging, they can find the animals in the forest which all the songs are about. 
For the liner notes, the lyrics of each song were carefully written into lines to go well with the rhythm and flow of the song. The illustrations keeps the fun and playful mood.

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