Above: Illustration of sustainably grown medical cannabis 

Animation / Infographic in Motion

I've worked with a indoor vertical aquaponics farming company to educate the audience about their healthy, sustainable, and regenerative farming practices. I illustrated the whole process in a friendly and delightful way so that it's engaging and easy to understand. 

"About Our Farm" 
Illustration of the sustainable practices 
​​​​​​​1. No synthetic fertilizers and pesticides
2. Locally grown, harvest year round
3. Less water, no soil 

"How Our Farm Works"
Illustration of the whole aquaponics system
1. We feed our fish carefully customized diets to keep them happy and healthy! 
2. After the fish eat their five-star meals, their (cough) “byproducts” (cough) are converted by microbes in our biofilters into a completely natural plant fertilizer. 
3. We flow our fertilizer over the roots of our produce giving them everything they need to grow. As the plants take what they need from the fertilizer, they leave fresh, clean water for the fish. 
4. The clean water is brought back into the fish tanks and the cycle starts over again!

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