2016 RGD Student Awards: Winner of Berlin Award for Central Canada
Adobe Design Achievement Awards 2016: Semifinalist in Commercial Print/Graphic/Illustration
Kilburn Memorial Concert is a music concert that is held annually by University of Alberta’s Department of Music. For 2016, the concert featured a French clarinetist Michel Lethiec, and to promote the event, my class was assign to design a poster and web banner.

The client wanted the design to be eye catching to young students while maintaining the classic tone and the university's identity. The event was targeting students and all academics in the campus. 

I started out with researching about the featuring musician Michel Lethiec, and it led me to focus on his personal character so that it has more unique imagery breaking a conventional visual of a classic concert poster. Inspired by his dynamic moves while playing the clarinet, I drew a sequence of his movements to give a strong sense of motion. Hand-written style typeface and hand-rendered drawings combine to create a unique personality and the overall tone is playful and yet classic. I used the university’s colour palette and typeface to maintain the university tone and consistency.
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